Ranked Backlinks - sell backlinks starting from 30 PA DA

Ranked Backlinks - sell backlinks starting from 30 PA DA 

Buying links from trust sites to raise indicators for key queries of your site is one of the methods of promoting a site on the Internet. Trust sites are sites that enjoy a certain degree of trust among search engines, and therefore, when placing links, they transfer a higher quality weight to your site.

Subject to the thematic nature of the resource, or the page on which the link is placed, the overall indicators of the recipient's site grow significantly.

What does it take to start posting permanent links to your site?

♦ In special fields of the form, enter the data of your resource. In the site URL field, enter the page you are promoting. Otherwise, we will promote the home page of the site. Fill in the rest of the fields as written. In the key phrases field, enter the key phrase by which we will promote your site.

♦ Attention this service is provided for one page of your site. That is, at the output you will have 20 links to the page of the site you are promoting, which will increase the position of your site precisely when you request these key phrases in the search.

♦ After you have filled out the form, pay for the order in any way convenient for you.

♦ After checking the receipt of payment. Our specialists will take your site to work within 24 hours, after which the work will be completed within a week. Links will be placed 2-3 times a day so that there are no rapid jumps in the number of backlinks. After the end of the work, all the addresses of the pages of the sites on which your links are posted will be sent to your email.

What is the difference between perpetual links from trust sites and the same perpetual links in articles?
♦ The main difference is the price - since the site owner does not have to create a separate new page for your article, the labor costs for placement are much less. That is, for example, if, for example, you need to place an article on a site whose Yandex IKS 10 you will pay 150-200 rubles for this placement, while placing an eternal link on a finished page with the same IKS will cost about 90-100 rubles, the difference seems to be not great, but after placing 100 links, it already becomes more noticeable.

♦ The second and not unimportant difference between eternal links from trust sites and posting articles with eternal links is that the most significant resources do not waste time posting your articles, and they are the majority. That is, if you want a lot of thematic links with high IKS, then you just have to buy them already on ready-made pages. Sometimes you will have to buy links even in the archives of the donor's site, since the most promoted resources are indexed very often and your link will be indexed in any case.

♦ We recommend an approximate ratio of 10 regular-1 perpetual links per article.

What will you get from posting permanent links to your site?

♦ The first is 20 links from sites with PA and DA >30 and higher, it all depends on the subject of your site.

♦ Links will be added to the index gradually, which is guaranteed not to ban the site.

♦ Within half a year, there will be an increase in the search for promoted key phrases.

♦ Growth of the target audience.

♦ Significant rise in the ICS of your site (depends on the topic, competitors and the degree of site optimization)

Website promotion

Commercial offer
Why placement
eternal links so

Basic search method

Google search engine is the most popular
a way to find information on the Internet

Not advertising

High positions in search inspire trust
from users, in contrast to advertising


Continuous posting of eternal links to
quality resources more efficient and
less expensive than advertising

Quality content

Well-written unique texts
accelerate indexing and contribute to more
rapid progress

No pay per click

After placing eternal links, the site
gradually rises to the TOP and leads
people free

What do we offer?
Different IP addresses of sites

Total ICS over 60,000

Well-groomed donor sites

Open links

Perpetual placement

Good DA performance

More than 90 sites UA, RU, BY, KZ, AZ
 Sites added to YAK, YAN, GN and DMOZ
Updated engine and https protocol

High rates of link power

High traffic sites

Links are posted on

NEW pages with UV2

All articles go to the rss feed

Mandatory indexing of articles
Yandex and Google

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Ranked Backlinks company offers to buy links from trusted website with the following metrics: >10 DA<100 and >10 PA<100 in english language.


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