What does an ideal link look like?

It is organically incorporated into the text and is not spam.
The resource on which it is posted has a significant degree of authority
It should be posted on a thematic resource.
On the other hand, the fact that the site on which the link is purchased now looks of high quality is not a guarantee that it will always be so. The site can change, change the owner - anything can happen. At some point, it may turn out that the link not only ceased to be useful, but also began to cause damage. In this regard, it becomes necessary to remove it quickly. Therefore, some SEO specialists prefer to prepare retreat paths in advance - they use rental links that fit into site pages with existing publications. The placement feature allows you to remove them at any time.

Where to buy a link for website promotion

The link can be bought directly from the owner of the resource or through the exchange. Buying directly is a long process. Although this option may be interesting, most placements are carried out using specialized exchanges.

Some of the most popular services are SAPE and Miralinks.

SAPE Exchange

On this exchange, you can buy various links for your needs. The exchange is quite convenient, the program interface is clear. There are a large number of filters that will allow you to choose the most optimal site. Often, rental links are bought on this exchange, for which a daily fee is charged. Links are posted fairly quickly.

Miralins Exchange

Miralinks is more often used to buy perpetual links, usually in articles. You upload the text, it goes for verification, if the moderation is successful, proceed to the selection of sites on which you would like to post, then send an application and wait for the result. A huge number of sites are registered in the system, so the choice of sites is very wide. On the other hand, sometimes the posting of an article can be extended for a very long time, because webmasters do not always respond promptly to applications.

Buying links for website promotion
Rental links and eternal

Rental links only exist as long as you pay for them, and funds are debited every day. As soon as your balance reaches zero, the links will automatically disappear. The problem with rental links is that if they often start blinking: they appear, then disappear, and this is negatively perceived by the search engine. There is a great risk of falling site positions and falling under filters.

The pluses of rental links include the fact that, if necessary, they can be removed almost instantly. In addition, at the first stage, they will be quite cheap.

Perpetual links are bought once and for all, they have a significant number of advantages, for example, you do not need to monitor the status of the balance, on the other hand, it will be extremely difficult to remove them if necessary.

What criteria to look at when choosing a site for link promotion?

There are a number of characteristics to look at when selecting a site. The main parameters can be:

resource attendance,
ICS site, PR,
region of the site.
Site traffic affects the number of clicks, which has a positive effect on the benefits of link placement. ICS and PR indicators indicate the degree of authority of the resource. For example, you can exclude sites with ICS less than 100, but everything is very individual. In addition, if you sell balloons in Tambov, keep in mind that your links are unlikely to be of interest to visitors to the site "Leisure in Ryazan"

It is impossible to fully calculate how useful a link is, but distinguishing a good link from a bad one is not difficult. According to some experts, when assessing the quality of a site for buying links, you should pay attention only to the site's trust index. One of the best ways to check a trust is the https://checktrust.ru/ tool. This service provides a bad link search tool.

How to buy links?

Gradually increase the number of links over a certain period of time. For example, buy 5 links per week;
Analyze links carefully, do not buy links that are in doubt;
Spend some of your budget on buying social media posts, which can make your link profile look more natural.
Be ready to remove rental links from resources whose quality has dropped dramatically.
In general, there are not many rules - you can imagine that you are just buying ad placement for your site and expect targeted conversions.

Anchor and non-anchor links

Links can be embedded in different ways: it can be just a site address, but it can also be text, when you click on it, you will be taken to another resource. Let's take a look at examples of each type of link. A non-anchor link consists of a site address. Such links are believed to convey less authority.

Buying links for website promotion
An example of a non-anchor link

An anchor link consists of text, which may or may not include the keyword request. The term "Anchor" denotes the text that

the link in the text is highlighted.

Buying links for website promotion
An example of an anchor link without using a key.

It is recommended to maintain a balance between both types of links, that is, use non-anchor links, anchor links without a key entry, anchor links with a key entry. What do I mean when I talk about key entry anchor links? Let's say your page is about buying sofas, then an anchor link from a third-party resource may contain the text "buy sofas inexpensively". Of course, when buying multiple links, the anchors do not have to be the same - they need to be reworked to some extent.

How much do links cost to promote a website?

The cost of perpetual links varies greatly depending on the quality of the resources - prices can vary from 50 rubles to 80,000 thousand, or even exceed these values. If we talk about a regular link of sufficient quality, then on average its price will be about 300 rubles. But it can be both cheaper and more expensive.

The cost of a rental link is significantly lower at the very beginning, but the longer it is placed, the more costs it will require. This is partly why it is popular among SEO specialists: while the work with the client is going on, the link exists, as soon as the interaction is completed, the link is often removed. The average rental link can cost about 50-100 rubles per month.

When links definitely won't help

You have a poor-quality site: it looks bad, has a large number of technical errors.
The site is completely not optimized for search, no tags are written.
There is no text on the pages of the site or there is too little of it.
Your site is under the filter of search engines.
I recommend that you approach buying links like buying ads. Ideally, the link attracts live customers who can buy the product. You have to understand that buying links is not very easy, and in order not to risk it again, you can entrust this process to our company. Links have a strong influence on promotion in Google, and to a lesser extent in Yandex.