Eternal backlinks
Perpetual links to the site
An eternal link is a link that is paid once and is posted on the site for the entire period of its existence.

Benefits of perpetual link promotion
Buying perpetual links has the following advantages over temporary links:

No search engine sanctions. Search engines know how to identify purchased links and, if they are found, impose various sanctions on the site on which they are posted. Yandex removes pages with purchased links from the index, Google lowers the PR of the entire site. There are no penalties for using perpetual links.
Naturalness. Perpetual links look natural and can be surrounded by relevant text. To do this, the optimizer should select sites of similar topics when purchasing perpetual links.
High efficiency. Perpetual links are more efficient than regular links. The longer the link is on the site, the more weight it transfers.
Where to Buy Perpetual Links
Blogun. Perpetual links can be purchased in posts through the Blogun service, which has over 6 million registered blogs. The system has been working steadily since 2007, the cost of perpetual links starts at 15 rubles. It is better to choose donor sites manually: there are a lot of low-quality sites and webmasters in the blogun who violate agreements.

Gogetlinks. The best quality Runet sites are registered on the Gogetlinks exchange. Therefore, the service is not suitable for buying cheap eternal links. Only one advertising link can be placed on one donor page.

Liex. The Liex exchange allows you to purchase perpetual links in articles. More than 50 filters can be configured for site selection. The disadvantages of the system include insufficiently fast user interface.

Rookee. The service allows you to purchase links on 9 different exchanges. As a rule, perpetual links through Rookee are bought to promote a site in the Yandex search engine.