Optimizing text is one of the parts of an SEO specialist's job. The search engine analyzes the text in order to understand its subject matter and determine whether it is necessary to show the page on which it is posted in the search results, and if so, at what position. Text structure and keywords have an impact on search engine rankings. Writing well-optimized text is necessary in order to promote your site to the top of the search results.

What are the stages of writing competent SEO texts?
Website promotion with articles.
How many articles do you need to promote your site?
What are the stages of writing competent SEO texts?
You can start by highlighting key queries, that is, phrases for which this text should be shown in search results. To define keywords, you need to collect semantics - this way you can be sure that some of the queries will not be missed. Collecting semantics can be done using various tools, for example, KEY COLLECTOR will allow you to collect key queries and divide them into groups. Selection of queries is carried out using masks, which are used to search for key queries.


It is necessary to decide on the semantics that will be placed inside the text. How many key phrases to choose depends only on you, but, as a rule, the values ​​are in the range from 3 to 20. There are different approaches: some experts believe that it is necessary to create the maximum number of pages for each direction, others recommend not chasing the number of pages, but work out their quality. In any case, too many keywords in the text will only lead to negative consequences, it is possible for the pages to fall under the sanctions of the search engine, and in order to avoid this, it is important to rationally add keywords to the text. There is no need to tell visitors that you have “the best sofas in Moscow, but you can buy our sofas in Moscow at a low price” - the text should look natural.

Let's dwell on the rules of SEO copywriting. Key queries need to be inserted organically: this should not cause disgust and rejection from potential buyers. If, after reading your text, the visitor dropped his phone from his hands in horror - this is a sure indication that the SEO copywriter of you is so-so. So this article is for you.

First, it is better to write the content, and then start embedding those keywords that have already been collected into the text. Thus, you will not be limited by your own semantics at the stage of creating an SEO article. When starting to edit the finished text, one should pay attention to the fact that it is better to put the most frequent keys in the upper part of the text. In addition, it is important not to forget that it is undesirable to insert all keys together or side by side, there must be a certain distance between each phrase, for example, 300-400 characters.

SEO copywriting (writing texts for search engines) continues to be one of the key areas when working with website promotion. SEO copywriting allows you to combine competent and attractive text that users will like with key queries (keys) that will delight the search robot.

To check the quality of the text, you need to use special online services. For example, https://text.ru/. How can they help you? Using special services, you can check the quality of key SEO copywriting parameters: originality, spam, water. If everything is obvious with originality, then certain difficulties may arise with other parameters. Spam is an indicator of the repetition of certain words in the text; each service has its own methods of assessing it and level scales.


The general idea is that text containing too many repetitions of the same words is perceived negatively by search engines. In addition, it is usually difficult to read such text - there is a high risk of losing the customer in the second paragraph. If the service shows that the spam level is exceeded, it is necessary to take a number of measures to correct the situation. In particular, we are talking about replacing certain words with synonyms. This approach will allow not to change the structure and content of the text, but to correct the situation with the number of repetitions.

Water is one of the main indicators of the text, here we are talking about phrases and phrases that, in fact, do not have any meaning, usually they can be removed from the text without losing their semantic load. Another question is that this can lead to an incredibly strong decrease in the readability of the text, so working with this parameter requires caution and attention, thoughtlessly deleting pieces of text is quite harmful. Relatively speaking, the text needs water, but only in small quantities.

The better the composition of your text: uniqueness, optimization, water level, the more pleasant it will be for the search engine to get acquainted with this text. But in order to consider the text good, it is important that the potential reader also likes it.

If both parameters match, this is a success, you have a good text that

th can be used to promote the page of the site, do not hesitate, editorial editing and on the site. But maybe not?

What else can be improved in the text? It was noticed that the search engine positively perceives the presence of synonyms. Yes, of course, most likely you already have them in the text, but you can approach this process even more responsibly, use special software that will allow you to choose the most successful synonyms for your text. Is it worth it or is your text good enough anyway? It depends on you.

Website promotion with articles.
Now it is worth returning to the already raised topic of website promotion with the help of a well-written article. Let's say you posted it on the site, but it does not bring the desired result. How can you fix the situation so that both search engines and readers happily rush to it?

You can draw attention to good content by getting a couple of links or a couple of dozen links to a site page - you can use paid publications for this. It is worth not forgetting to add the ability to share the article on social networks - if the content begins to spread, search engines will notice this and take into account when assessing the position of your article in the search results. The main thing to remember is that a lot depends on the niche in which you write - in some cases your content can get to the top in a couple of weeks, in other niches even great content that users will appreciate may remain on the margins of 3 pages of search results.

You can push the text out of there, but only by causing a significant flurry of reviews, citations, links, likes, reposts. This is what we have to work on after the publication of the article. You can try to negotiate with opinion leaders so that they quietly quote your article.

Having achieved a rise in the search results, it is important to remember that someone who climbed a mountain may soon fall from it. Search algorithms often favor new content, suggesting that it may be more relevant and therefore more relevant. And so young competitors kick your article out of the first search positions. What to do? It is necessary to update the content, make edits, introduce additional sections, so the search robot will understand that they continue to work on the text, which means it is more relevant than ever.


How many articles do you need to promote your site?
It all depends on the competitiveness of the topic, the more good articles you have, the more pages you can bring to the top of the search results. Determining the number of articles to be written is possible only by collecting semantics for all topics and dividing it into different sections and topics.


We hope that this article has helped you understand how to write texts for search engines correctly and how to promote articles in the best way. Now if you are asked: what is SEO copy? You can definitely answer. It is important to understand that the ability to write SEO copy is closely related to the skill of selecting the right keywords - these things are almost inseparable from each other. And although many copywriters write texts according to TK, if you yourself are promoting your own site, you need to master the collection of semantics.