Who needs promotion using eternal links?

This tool is useful to almost everyone who operates on the Internet.

Whether it's a personal blog, landing page, online store, or a marketing agency that works to promote their customers. With the help of correctly selected donors and relevant texts with links, you can increase the number of site views, increase the flow of orders and make your brand recognizable. Here are a couple of examples for whom link mass is important:

To start

Young sites that have not yet announced themselves.

For development

Those resources, whose positions in search engine results are very low at the moment.

For a new product

Companies launching a new product and seeking to draw attention to it.

Error correction

Sites, during the promotion of which mistakes were made.

Why cooperation with us -
the right decision
Manual link placement
We check donor sites, analyze the best options for placing links and add them manually, which guarantees the uniqueness of the links, their relevance and performance.

Writing copyright texts
Your links will be part of interesting and useful content that will increase their appeal and match the topic of the links.

100% guarantee
We post perpetual links that do not expire. This means that your site will be advertised constantly and at the same time does not require constant costs for such advertising.

Accuracy and deadlines
We are very strict about meeting deadlines, while your links will start working in just 1-3 days.

100% indexing by search engines
We post eternal links that are 100% indexed by search engines, which means that their effectiveness in promoting your site will be maximum.

More than 90 sites for placement
Our database of donor sites is constantly expanding. We cover users from different countries and regions, we use placement on large information and entertainment portals. At the same time, when selecting donor sites, we carry out multi-stage filtering in order to place your links only on those resources that are simultaneously relevant, visited, and authoritative.