Oddly enough, but most people who plan to create an online store and make money on it,

think over their actions only a few steps ahead, missing the whole picture. Basically, all efforts go to the creation and development of a website, content, catalogs, search for suppliers, etc., but the plan for promoting an online store is completely overlooked. Usually it looks like this: you have spent a lot of money on the website, all sorts of gadgets in the form of scripts, animation, shopping cart, etc., and there is either little money left for the implementation of the online store promotion system, or you feel sorry for them. And this is the most common mistake.

So, where to start promoting an online store? The correct answer is with an estimate of your resources (time, knowledge and experience) and budget. And, of course, drawing up a detailed plan of action. If you feel the strength to do everything by yourself - act, but be sure to evaluate the results in the middle of the path. It is possible to turn to professionals who will tell you how to promote your online store will be cheaper and more efficient.

Online store promotion methods
The first thing you need to pay attention to is site analysis. Did you know that Yandex ranks online stores not only by search queries, but also by the quality of product cards, price indication, delivery method, product catalog structure, etc.

In addition to website optimization, there are also several methods for promoting an online store: search engine optimization SEO, contextual advertising, social networks, buying words on Yandex.Direct, placing external links, etc. The problem is that it is guaranteed to predict which method will give the best efficiency is hard enough.

This is done by professional marketers who research your niche, competitive environment, analyze seasonality and demand, target audience, etc. Based on the results obtained, a basic strategy for promoting an online store is created, which includes an integrated approach and continuous analysis of the effectiveness of each method. Only in this way the money invested in the business will return in large sales.

Online store promotion tools
The only indicator of the effectiveness of all actions is sales. In order not to waste time on each method, a number of various tools for promoting an online store are simultaneously used. Here is some of them:

Internal website optimization, which includes technical audit and error correction, which is needed to improve the visibility of the site by search robots, which in turn speeds up the indexing of pages in search engines. This is a mandatory part without which the rest of the actions practically lose their meaning. Here are some technical optimization steps:
Elimination of problems with hosting (including setting up a certificate) and site loading speed
Eliminate broken links, 404 pages, multiple redirects, etc.
Filling in meta tags and headers
Troubleshooting robots.txt issues
Formation of the correct sitemap.xml
Installing the necessary redirects (www, https, etc.)
Eliminate duplicate meta tags, texts and titles
Other technical problems
Registration in Yandex Webmaster and Google Search Console (will significantly speed up the indexing of your site)
Yandex Zen, Yandex Maps, Yandex Directory and Google My Business
Messengers and chat bots (Yandex Dialogues)
Blog comments, link exchange
Subscriptions and social networks
And many others.

Not every online store owner will be able to independently carry out and find time for such an activity. In order for your business to grow and prosper, we at MintClick have assembled a team of professionals, where each one specializes in his own field of promotion. If you don't know how to promote your online store or you don't have enough time for turnover, please contact us. We have created favorable conditions for cooperation and service packages so that the promotion of an online store is available to everyone.